Patrick Longfellow


Early Life

Patrick is the last descendant of the once powerful Longfellow family, but very little is known about his childhood. He attended the finest schools in Edinburgh, performing relatively well when he was not busy chasing trouble. After his reputation as a troublemaker started to grow, Longfellow’s father, Edward George Longfellow, withdrew his financial support to force the young Patrick to cut down with the debauchery and merrymaking, convinced that a month of limited funding would curb down his son’s intense passion for life. His plan quickly backfired. Patrick quickly decided to put his fate in his own hands. At the age of 16 he started to work as a dock-worker, earning just enough money to live by. Unwilling to go home and admit defeat, he quickly started expanding his repertoire of skill by performing any kind of job that he stumbled upon, from shoe-shiner to valet. It was around that time that he started to spend more time with the less respectable elements of London’s underground, in particular the lady of the night Mary Ann “Polly” Nichols and her young brother Abelard Nichols. The two quickly bonded, creating a strong friendship that lasted throughout all of Patrick’s life.

Service in Her Majesty’s Forces

Patrick felt that he had a greater calling. Unhappy of being a simple worker, he aspired to get back to the level of power that his father was wielding as a captain in the queen’s army. Unwilling to use his family name, he enlisted in the army as a simple private under the name of Patrick Lynch. His strength, his temperament, and his quick wits quickly won the sympathy of his comrades, but didn’t set well with most of the officers. After a series of reprimands, Patrick was assigned under the command of the young captain Sir Nathan Byron, who quickly understood the true reason behind Longfellow’s prowess and irreverence. Thanks to his occult training, imparted by Lord Byron himself, the young captain recognized Longfellow for what he actually way: A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Patrick Longfellow

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